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The following sample title exam reports are in PDF file format.
To view the samples you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in for your browser. Click on the Adobe icon to download the reader.

Acrobat Reader Download

Residential Sample (PDF File)
Commercial Sample (PDF File)

Your Title Exam Report will include the following sections:

Date Issued The date the title commitment or title certificate is issued.
Date Received The date that the records in the county courthouse are current to.  The difference between the Date Issued and the Effective Date is known as the “Gap.”  This is the time frame in which the records are not available.  Metro Atlanta Counties will have larger Gaps than outer counties.
Item 1 Shows the type of policy to be issued and the amount of policy.
Item 2 How the land is held by the current owner.
Item 3 The name of the person or organization that owns the property.
Item 4 The legal description of the property.

Schedule B-I

Items 1-3 Conditions that must be satisfied for a title policy to be issued.
Item 4 Documents that must be executed in order to transfer title or encumber the property.
Item 5 Encumbrances that must be paid and released of record.

Schedule B-II

Items listed on Schedule B-II are exceptions to the title policy.  The title policy will not cover claims, which may derive from these exceptions.

Items  Standard exceptions required by the title insurance companies.
Item  Taxes due in the year the property is being conveyed as well as future years would not be covered by the policy.  Taxes for prior years may or may not be covered depending on the individual circumstances.
Item  Easements generally for the purpose of installing, maintaining and removing utilities.  Easements will generally appear for utility companies, rights of way, ingress and egress, etc.  The easements will run with the land.
Item  Protective Covenants that are filed against the land.  Protective Covenants will disclose if there is a mandatory homeowners association, which may or may not require mandatory dues.  Also, the covenants may control items such as the size and style of house, landscaping, as well as other matters, which would be in keeping with the general appearance of the subdivision.
Item  The plat exception will show what types of building lines may be present.  The building line is the distance required from the structure to the property line.