Title Examinations  

Augusta Title, Inc. conducts residential and commercial title examinations throughout the State of Georgia.


Commercial Services

We are a full service Title Company and can handle disbursing, recording, and title insurance for all of your commercial transactions. 

Title Insurance 

Our firm is an agent for several national title insurance companies  and can assist with all Title Insurance needs.

Title Issues 

Our firm is known to handle the titles that other examiners refuse.  Foreclosure, tax titles, or litigation titles as well as Attorney Certificates of Title are available.

Augusta Title, Inc.

Augusta Title can provide you with an accurate title examination of any property located within the State of Georgia.  Our highly experienced staff has the knowledge and the expertise to handle the most complex title issues and stays informed of all local laws as well as underwriting guidelines. 

All title examinations are provided in either Certificate of Title or Commitment format so you will clearly see any issues.  Residential properties will include copies of pertinent documents and commercial properties will include full copies of any deed within the chain of title.  In many cases we may be able to use your forms as long as they comply with local law and underwriting guidelines.

Many title examination companies are performing online title exams.  Online exams are not insureable in the State of Georgia as they do not have access to all relevant information.  Augusta Title only performs title searches in the local courthouse so you can be assured that all issues or information will be discovered.

Sam Maguire, Jr., Esq.  founded Augusta Title, Inc. and understands the necessity for accurate title that is confirmed by a reputable party.  All titles are certified by Sam and he can also provide Opinions of Title and Title Affidavits whenever necessary.  When new laws or underwriting guidelines are issued, Sam assures that all staff members and title examiners are apprised of new requirements.

Industry Information

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